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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Have a question not answered below?
A: Send it in an email to Support @

Q: My Slicky Proxy bandwidth is limited to 1 Gigabyte (GB) per month.  How much browsing will that allow me to do?
A: Web pages come in all sizes but the average is about 15 KB.  The 1GB limit will allow you view about 67,000 of these pages per month.  Another guideline to go by is a typical web user bandwidth rate of .33MB/minute.  This would provide you with approximately 50 hours of moderate web browsing per month.  Downloading music, video, and files can have a large impact on your bandwidth however.  We recommend that you disconnect from the proxy when transferring large files.           

Q: How do I know when I am nearing my monthly 1GB traffic limit?
A: You will receive a warning email when you reach 90% of your allotted bandwidth.

Q: How do I cancel my service?
A: Simply log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription.  PayPal will then notify us and your Slicky Proxy account will be deactivated. If you wish to cancel your subscription it is advised to do so just before your next billing cycle to maximize the value of your subscription. No prorated refunds are given for unused portions of your monthly subscription.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: New subscribers receive a 3 day trial period to use the service before being billed. At the end of this period subscribers enter into the normal billing cycle based on their subscription level (SP Lite or SP Premium) and will be charged on the day of the month they entered the billing cycle every month thereafter until the subscription is cancelled.

Q: Can I get a refund after I've entered the billing cycle?
A: Subscribers are encouraged to determine if the service is for them or not during the free 3 day evaluation period.  Because you are buying a service and not a product that can be returned there are no refunds issued after entering the billing cycle.  You can cancel at any time however. 

Q: What technology do you use?
A: We use hardware based SSL VPN appliances to establish the SSL VPN tunnels.  These are much faster than the software based OpenVPN technology other services use.

Q: How can I tell if Slicky Proxy will bypass my local Proxy/Firewall before I sign up?
A: Run the following command from a windows command prompt:
            telnet 443
If all of the text in your command prompt window goes blank then the required port is open from your location. If it is blocked you will see an error message similar to "could not open connection to the host........" Other restrictions in your environment could prevent this test from working. You can always sign up and try the service free for 3 days to confirm it will work for you before committing to the subscription.

Q: What if I cannot establish a connection to Slicky Proxy?
A: If you have verified that you meet all of the prerequisites and still can't connect there is most likely something blocking application access to port 443 from your laptop/PC. Some things you can Check on your PC are the local firewall, TCP filters, and browser proxy settings. There may be restrictions in place at your location that are out of your control (such as port 443 being blocked) in which case you should close your account during your free trial period. Keep in mind that you may be able to connect in some locations and not others. You may want to try multiple locations before cancelling.

Q: Does Slicky Proxy offer technical support?
A: Yes. We provide 24 hour response to inquires sent to our support email alias. Slicky Proxy Premium subscribers receive priority support which is usually answered within 4 hours.

Q: My school blocks all URL's containing the word "Proxy".  Can I still use Slicky Proxy?
A: Yes. In your registration email you will be given the IP address of your VPN server.  Simply use the IP address instead of the VPN's domain name and you should bypass the URL filter. 

Q: Can my ISP block my connection to Slicky Proxy?
A: Yes. Since your ISP can shut off your entire Internet service they have complete control and can block any site. It is very rare for them to do this however. We have even worked with many subscribers in China to overcome "The Great Firewall" blocking issues.  

Q: Will using Slicky Proxy slow my web surfing?
A: No. Slicky Proxy is very fast. Most subscribers can’t even tell when they are connected.  The average latency added is 30 milli-seconds.

Q: Can Slicky Proxy track my online activities even though my Internet activities are hidden from the public ?
A: No. In order to maintain top performance our logs record only total bandwidth consumed by each subscriber. We don't monitor URL's visited. 

Q: What Operating Systems are supported?
A: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Windows 7.

Q: What Web Browsers are supported?
A: Internet Exporer 5+ and Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ (not for installation however)