Personal VPN Service

Internet Access, Anonymity, and Security

Personal VPN

SSL Proxy Service

Who is Tracking You?

Prevent it with Slicky Proxy

Our personal VPN gives you Online Access, Anonymity, and Security:
- bypass SOPA, PIPA, or Government censorship
- bypass Corporate Internet restrictions (tunnel through web filters)
- hide your online identity (your IP address is hidden)
- securely browse the Internet (all traffic is encrypted)

You Need Slicky Proxy service if you are:
- a web surfer wishing to hide their online identity
- a wireless user in a public hotspot seeking secure WiFi
- a student or office worker behind a restrictive firewall or web filter
- a citizen of a country that censors and blocks the Internet
- a home user wishing to prevent neighbors using the same broadband provider from eavesdropping on cable modem traffic
- a privacy advocate who desires to render all ISP logs useless if subpoenaed

How the Personal VPN and Proxy Service work:
- The personal VPN creates a secure SSL connection from your computer to our servers and assigns a new IP address to conceal your online identity.
- All of your traffic is then tunneled through HTTPS. This bypasses Internet filters on your end and encrypts all traffic to prevent eavesdropping.
- All of your Internet traffic is encrypted and routed over port 443 to bypass Internet filters on your end.
- Once connected you enjoy your full desktop and are not confined to a browser with annoying pop-ups like a typical proxy service.
- Launch your personal VPN from the systray whenever you need. No more daily checking of proxy lists to find one that actually works. 

- TRY IT NOW (registration required)
- $8/Month for Slicky Proxy Lite (up to 1GB of data transfer)
- $14/Month for Slicky Proxy Premium (up to 5GB of data transfer)

Service Levels:
Slicky Proxy is offered in 3 different service levels.  The first is our free proxy network.  Any of the free proxies in the Slicky Proxy free network can be used to provide anonymous web browsing.  For higher performance and increased security check out the subscription based VPN services: SP Lite & SP You will find Slicky Proxy offers the best desktop based proxy and VPN service available. It works with DSL, Cable, and satellite Internet.
Find which service level best suits your Internet needs with the summary table below:
SP Free SP Lite SP Premium
Technology Glype SSL VPN SSL VPN
Registration Required No Yes Yes
Anonymous Surfing Yes Yes Yes
Defeats Web Filters Basic Advanced Advanced
Speed Moderate Fast Fast
Data Encryption No Yes Yes
User Experience Browser only Full Desktop Full Desktop
Traffic Web only All Traffic All Traffic
Advertisement Free No Yes Yes
Wireless Security No Yes Yes
Bandwidth Restrictions No 1GB/Mo 5GB/Mo
Support None Standard Priority
Price Free $8/Mo $14/Mo
Browsing the web over a public hotspot/Wifi allows others to eavesdrop and record your traffic. Prevent this with Slicky Proxy SSL VPN which will protect your online identity. Take the first step to protecting yourself and try Slicky Proxy today.