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Free Proxy Network - Slicky Proxy also operates a network of free Glype Internet proxies.  These proxies allow you to anonymously browse the web and are free of charge to use.  They also allow you to bypass some basic web filters.  Your user experience is confined to a browser and the service is supported by advertisements which you see periodically during web browsing.  Upgrading to either subscription based service will provide you with the many performance and internet security advantages of a SSL VPN.     

SP Free SP Lite SP Premium
Technology Glype SSL VPN SSL VPN
Registration Required No Yes Yes
Anonymous Surfing Yes Yes Yes
Defeats Web Filters Basic Advanced Advanced
Speed Moderate Fast Fast
Data Encryption No Yes Yes
User Experience Browser based Desktop based Desktop based
Traffic Web only All Traffic All Traffic
Advertisment Free No Yes Yes
Wireless Security No Yes Yes
Bandwidth Restrictions No 1GB/Mo 5GB/Mo
Support None standard hours 24 hour support
Price Free $8/Mo $14/Mo


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