Internet Access, Anonymity, and Security



Data Security - Wireless access either from your home or a public hot spot to the Internet is not secure.  It is easy to intercept passwords, account numbers, and other sensitive data leading to data breaches.  Slicky Proxy encrypts all of your wireless traffic rendering it useless to eavesdroppers.

Privacy - Slicky Proxy allows you to maintain your privacy by hiding your source IP address. Websites and adware have no idea where your traffic is coming from.

Accessibility - Other types of VPN's like PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC rely on network ports that are normally blocked from most locations.  Slicky Proxy relies on the common port of 443 which is required to be open to provide  user access to HTTPS sites which are essential in almost all locations.

Rich User Experience - Slicky Proxy is clientless so you get to enjoy your full desktop.  There is no portal that you must use unlike other services.

Compatibility - Slicky Proxy supports IE5.5 and higher as well as Firefox 1.5+.  Supported Operating Systems include all versions of Windows through Vista.

Secure More than just Browsing - By tunneling all of your traffic over our servers, Slicky Proxy secures all of your application traffic, not just that from your web browser.

Easy Setup - Slicky Proxy has a minimal setup. In just a few clicks of your mouse you can be anonymously and securely surfing the web.

Low Cost - There are no hidden costs. You pay 1 fee for monthly access. No hardware, software, or additional services are required.